School Leadership


Randy Smoot

School Director

My name is Randy Smoot, I have the honor of being the Director at Liberty High School. My life has uniquely positioned me for this role, at this school, at this time. Growing up in the projects, raised by a phenomenal single parent, surrounded by both the love of a close net community and the risks of the street life, I quickly realized I either made the most of the limited opportunities provided for me or I needed to create my own. With programming like Upward Bound, Younglife, and school sports I realized my life could transcend my immediate environment with the proper education and opportunities. I was placed in this role to leverage all my experiences to help students like me reach higher levels of success than they ever thought possible.
This is what drives my vision as a leader at the school. Meet young people from different backgrounds and experiences and expose them to different things and opportunities and provide access to a world that may allow them to transcend their immediate realities. My passion is driven by the sacrifices that were made for me and my future. I consider it my duty to sacrifice for this community and for my student's future.