Career-Technical Programs

Are you interested in a high-paying job that doesn’t require a college degree?

Do you like the idea of earning industry-recognized skills, credentials, and certifications for free?

What if you could accomplish this all while earning your high school diploma?

Stand out to industry leaders with the skills and knowledge you can gain through one of Liberty High School’s Career-Technical Programs!


Programs Include:

  • Child Development (CDA)
  • Construction (NCCER)
  • Construction (Electrical)
  • Healthcare (STNA, CCMA)
  • Manufacturing (CTP)
  • Microsoft Office Software


Classes are taught at Liberty by certified industry instructors. These courses count as credit towards graduation and can be recorded as relevant work experience. Some courses can even be eligible for college credit.

Oftentimes, after graduation, students head to college in pursuit of a degree that might not guarantee them a chance at well-paid employment upon completion. Students tend to think college is an automatic next step after high school and it doesn’t have to be.

When there are currently over 30 million jobs in the United States that pay an average of $55,000 per year that don’t require a degree at all, why not try out one of Liberty's Career Technical Programs and align yourself with a reliable career sooner than you’d ever imagined? Liberty can give you a head-start on your future. Earn industry-recognized certifications and get your future off to a bright start!